““84 Million Kilograms Recycle for Dad” In celebration of His Majesty the King’s 84th Birthday ,” Singburi Agenda Province to promote Green Government Complex”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2012

To create body of knowledge in waste management for civil servants in the public sectors of Singburi Province.
To promote waste and recyclable material segregation among civil servants in the province.

Project Overview

To promote waste segregation system in government house and to build up body of knowledge in waste management for those civil servants through training, seminar and study visit. Recyclable material flee market activity is also held to allow civil servants in Singburi to bring recyclable material to join this activity. This also creates good image and sample for people coming to the government house in respect of waste management.


To organize seminar for dissemination of knowledge on waste and recyclable material management to civil servants and relevant persons in the province and take study visit to the demonstration to enable them to apply to their own environment. In addition, the project also has a plan to hold recycle flee market exercise every 3 months which will be publicized to the representatives in the working group and via public relations media of the Province. TIPMSE shall act as a project consultant and take study visit to monitor the project outcomes.

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