“Integrated Recyclable Material Management Promotion Project”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2012

To manage to develop waste management plan in all sectors of the area joined the program.
To develop network for environmental management at city level

To encourage systematic problem solution in all sectors

To create the model for comprehensive waste management

Project Overview

To facilitate and support relevant agencies to take part in comprehensive waste management in the area e.g. municipality, community, religious place, academic institution, business entity and so on through the activities that link the above agencies in municipal area.


To hold the meeting for briefing and setting working group and then sign in the memorandum. Set a plan for recyclable material management as guided by the agency in the area while TIPMSE will coordinate with local agencies through meeting and setting the plan for operation to achieve the agreed target. Relevant organizations will be supported to implement the activities as planned while local authorities and TIPMSE will act as a coach and follow up the results continuously.

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