“Project for Strengthening Relationship among Policy Makers”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2012

To promote models for waste and recyclable material management in local administration organizations.
To help target groups to achieve the goal and to enable them to properly apply to/solve environmental problems.

Project Overview

Socio-economic and technological mechanisms and conditions have materially led to severity and complexity of environmental problems either at micro or macro level. Traditional means for prevention and correction of environmental problems focusing on fragmented operation and in passive manner cannot bring about success solution e.g. global warming problems etc. The global community has therefore sought for holistic and integrated prevention and solution for environmental problems aimed to find sustainable preventive and corrective measures either at personal, community or organizational level.

According to the context and trend of socio-political condition in Thailand, the local administration organization is arranged to be a major organ in driving mechanisms for preventing and correcting environmental problems and leading to sustainable development.


By coordinate with local authorities and set up the working group consisting of agencies responsible for environment and others.In addition, Activities for providing knowledge about recyclable material management will be carried out including seminar, study visit and meeting for monitoring the outcomes.

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