“Recycle Database Development”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2012

To collect data about recycle industrial plants, recycle vendor and waste management by local administration organization.
To gather basic data of TIPMSE’s network of all 5 models.
To prepare and publicize database system via TIPMSE’s website.
To allow relevant party and interested person to subscribe membership and gain benefit from TIPMSE’s database system.
To maintain record of recycle rate of different materials in Thailand.

Project Overview

Up to the present date, database plays a vital role in many national development projects as it can provide basic knowledge for operation planning in the country. In Thailand, there are many aspects for which database system has not developed or otherwise the existing database system has not been widely publicized for utilization especially waste management and recyclable material. TIPMSE hence sets its goal to be a reliable central agency in developing database and provide such information relating to waste and recyclable material management through the database system to which subscribers can access through TIPMSE’s website and central database system. Principal data surveyed and collected by TIPMSE comprises such data relating to recycle vendors, recycle plant and waste disposal operation by local administration organization. In the future, TIPMSE will add more information to update this database system including basic data of TIPMSE’s network working in cooperation with TIPMSE in order to provide complete services for the general public.


Database users refer to those segregating waste or requiring buying sources or those shops wishing to find the plants and persons interested in recycle business wanting to know about demand and supply of one’s business. Interested person can subscribe and search through TIPMSE’s website or come to do so at TIPMSE’s office during working hours. Further, by the end of 2012, this database system will be more complete by adding data about TIPMSE’s network including list of community, institution, enterprise and local administration organization ultimately aimed to create recycle society in Thailand.

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