“Zero Waste Community Concept”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2014

The purpose of this Grant is to fund the building of a waste management system in the communal area consisting of school, temple, and community. The proposed site is located at Ban Silong Village, Klongdan sub-district, Bang Bo district in Samut Prakarn province. The proposed area is about 40 kilometers east of Bangkok, and is within Alstom’s O&M site at Bang Bo Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP). The community of Ban Silong has the population of 460 households, it is one of 12 villages under the jurisdiction of Klong Dan sub-district administration organization (SAO), majority of the population are local fishermen, but also include local factory workers. Working area include the community of Ban Silong, Wat Silong school, and Wat Silong Temple (Chaemratsathatham Temple). Proposed action plan for each parties include;

o Wat Silong School is the local school offered class from kindergarten to elementary school (6th grade), the number of student is about 100 students and is located adjacent to the Wat Silong temple. Planning for the school include; creating awareness of waste utilization through ECO training programs , creation of the 0 Baht Shop, a shop in the local school canteen where students can exchange recycled items in exchange of canteen food or other household items for their homes. The establishment of School Recycle Banks: Where recyclable items can be brought for waste segregation, and organic waste utilization – where school waste will be re-used as fertilisers etc.
o Wat Silong Temple (Chaemratsathatham Temple); the Buddhist temple is the main temple for the community and provide centre of activities during local festivals. Activities involving temple will include awareness raising through activities such as; people donate recyclable items instead of money and the temple is given the know-how to convert the donated items to money.The monks at the temple are briefed to encourage the community to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
o Ban Silong Community, a small medium peri-urban community located within the vast natural resources of mangrove forest, the community is quickly developed with the expansion of nearby Bang-Bo urban area. Activities proposed is to encourage and promote Reduce, Reuse and Recycle campaign’s targeting the local community.

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