Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment, the Federal of Thai Industriesor TIPMSE is a non-profit organization founded by the industrial clubs under the Federation of Thai Industries, associations and member from packaging and consumer products manufacturers. TIPMSE was established with an aim to promote at-source segregation of used packaging from garbage in order to reduce amount of used packaging in the waste countrywide, TIPMSE also promote appropriate management system for used packaging and recycled materials through the concept "Packaging creates value…Separate them out”. TIPMSE is primarily funded by members of the Federation of Thai Industries and private enterprises who are producer and manufacturers of packaging and consumer products. TIPMSE is an institute under the umbrella of the Federation of Thai Industries but independently operate by its own executive and management board.

TIPMSE was officially established on 20 December 2005 starting from limited number of staff, its first office was located at Thai Namthip Co.,Ltd. In Pathum Thai province. From April to June 2006, TIPMSE office was moved to Wangdek Building on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road. Since 2010 to the present, TIPMSE head office is located at at Lao Peng Nguan Building 1, Floor 20th in Chatuchak district.