“Project for promotion of comprehensive management of waste and recyclable material in schools (school recycle bank) of Pathum Thani (continuation project from 2012)”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2012

To promote the establishment of recyclable material bank in primary and secondary schools in Pathum Thani province.
To establish good sense of segregation of waste and recyclable material via public relations about recycle bank model

Project Overview

promote the management of waste and recyclable material in the schools through training and study visit for the participants in order that the participants can apply knowledge and techniques to their own schools. Participating school will have the opportunity to join School Recycle Bank contest at both regional and national level

  1. Invite relevant agencies including local administration, representatives from interested school, and the provincial and regional education offices to attend the project orientation and elect the project committee.
  2. Organize training on establishment of school recycle bank
  3. Invite the committee to determine the criteria for the contest.
  4. Carry out filed evaluation in the schools.
  5. Hold Road Show activities for the schools held the 1st – 3rd contest title.
  6. Prepare public relations media e.g. video, poster etc.

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