“TIPMSE Learning Center”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2012

To disseminate knowledge and establish good sense for each specific group

To extend the outcomes of TIPMSE Model to other organizations and agencies.

To publicize knowledge about recycle and relevant matters to the general public and larger part of the society.

Project Overview

From the determination in promoting recycle society in Thailand, TIPMSEneeds to lay down good foundation for recycle from the upstream which refers to the consumer or segregator. They will be provided with knowledge and understanding of recyclable material management of each sector as well as the creation of learning resources for recycle for interested person through the use of proper media. TIPMSE has therefore set up TIPMSE Learning Center to provide knowledge about recyclable material management and in the future, this center will be improved to have more potential for extension of knowledge on recycle to all sectors.


Knowledge support can be done in different patterns. To this end, TIPMSE has provided recycle learning center in 2 major patterns including:

Training and study visit in which the courses will be shaped to suit each target group and expert speakers either in-house or guest speaker who will be invited to share their experiences and demonstrate samples. Study visit is also provided to enhance understanding of the course subject matter.

Use of learning center consists of information services from library corner providing up-to-date references, books and magazines concentrating on recycle and environment knowledge. In addition, on-line searchable database is available along with one-on-one guidance coaching on tailor course for different organization.

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