“Leadership program for community leader on environmental management in 4 regions (continuation project 2012)”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2012

To promote waste segregation from the upstream.
To expand community recycle bank network within the region
To continue activities from recyclable material to waste management

Project overview

To promote in the community systematic segregation of recyclable material from the upstream using the model of community recycle bank where members can sell their recyclables or deposit for saving purpose. Profit of the bank from margin of selling the recyclables to large vendors i.e., recycle factory will be used for administration

In 2012, TIPMSE focus on strengthening the potential of each community based on building up body of knowledge for the community and the local administration organization.


To establish common understanding as to the objectives of TIPMSEwith respect to the operation and plan for each area. Through the project orientation and learning activity by the expert, participants will be familiar with experiences in setting up recyclable material bank. After having organized the training by TIPMSE, each community will be allowed to draft the plan used for asking for fund from TIPMSE the main objective of which is to reduce waste amount and such project has never been implemented before or has been in early stage where its content has been implemented for not less than 10%. For the community previously joined the project is required to draft a new plan differing from the existing plans or otherwise a plan boosting potential of the existing plans by focusing on activities aimed to reduce recyclable material amount.

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