“Recyclable material management at municipality level ”
Project Start Date : 01 January 2012

To create linkage and exchange knowledge among municipalities in 4 regions
To expand the diversity of target groups in the project.

Project Overview

As projects for municipalities have been implemented since 2008 and up until 2012, there are 24 municipalities joining the projects. Over the period, TIPMSE has provided support through municipalities to play their significant roles as a coach for other organizations and communities in respect of segregation of recyclable material in the household, school and business entity. In order to provide knowledge dissemination about segregation of recyclable material, many activities were held including training, public relations and study visits etc.


In 2012, municipalities will be put into zoning area; 12 municipalities for the central region, 5 for northern region, 4 for southern region and 3 for northeastern region. Municipalities in each region will have a change to share their knowledge and learn how to work together aimed to appropriately apply the solution for environmental problems for their own area of the same context. Each zone will be orientated and have a meeting for sharing and learning experiences from each other for the purpose of joint environmental management in each region in the future.

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